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December 04, 2018

No BS Crypto Weekly Update

No BS Crypto Weekly Update cover

No BS Crypto Updates

Hey everyone. First off I want to say thanks to the entire No BS Crypto community for your unwavering support. This project simply wouldn't exist without you. We know many of you are concerned with how quiet things have been seeming lately. Have no fear! We have been working hard behind the scenes on all fronts!

First and foremost we have implemented a new communications plan to make sure you, the community, are kept up to date with the status of No BS Crypto on a weekly basis. One of our developers is also taking on the role of Director of Operations, and part of this added role will be ensuring that information is flowing both directions on a regular basis between the team and the community. Our admins will be on the lookout for your questions and concerns and will relay them so the team can see / discuss them every week. There will be a status update posted once a week to keep you informed of what is happening that week and address any of the feedback / questions from the week prior.

Here is what we've been up to:

- The review platform, our primary use case, continues to move forward! We have collected the first round of bids for our initial review group. Those who have paid their bid will be receiving job details soon.

- The No BS Crypto Premium service has been simplified to a single premium tier. We have introduced as part of our paid tier with improved altcoin picks and more. The premium chat has been moved over to discord.

- We have partnered with CoinChase! They will be utilizing our unbiased review services in the future to help vet the ICOs / crypto projects they work with.

- We are working on a dashboard for the review platform to allow users to view jobs, place bids, and submit their review content all in one place.

- And the kicker: Chris Koerner, our founder, will host a 1-hour AMA session EVERY MONTH. Platform and dates TBD.

Thanks again to all of you for your support and love for No BS Crypto. Stay tuned!