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January 26, 2019

No BS Crypto Weekly Update 1/26/2019

No BS Crypto Weekly Update 1/26/2019 cover

No BS Crypto Weekly Update 1/26/2019

**Happy Saturday! **

We are making great headway on the revisions to the review platform. We are looking at working with an experienced UX designer to ensure the platform has a gorgeous, intuitive interface packed full of easy to digest statistics and other information. The details are coming together nicely, and we hope to give you a deeper look in early February.

I’d like to thank everyone for some of the great community suggestions we’ve had this week. One of our favorites was providing review services to exchanges to help evaluate potential listings. We love to hear your ideas, so keep them coming!

Our community moderators have taken the initiative to setup a No BS Crypto fan art contest for our community members, with a significant quantity of $NoBS tokens as prizes for the winners! Good luck to everyone; looking forward to seeing your submissions. For details on this contest, have a look through our Telegram group.

We will be announcing the date and time for the next AMA with Chris soon. Just a reminder that this will be a video AMA hosted on YouTube. Start getting your AMA questions sent in to our community admins. Post your questions in our Telegram or Discord group with #AMA.

As always, thank you for your support and have a great weekend!

~ No BS Crypto