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February 26, 2019

No BS Crypto Weekly Update 2/25/19 - $NoBS Token Twitter Account!

No BS Crypto Weekly Update 2/25/19 - $NoBS Token Twitter Account! cover

Happy Monday! We hope you all had an awesome weekend.

We've launched the official Twitter account for the $NoBS token!

Go give us a follow for weekly updates and occasional exclusive giveaways for our followers. While you're there, post a comment on the pinned tweet to let us know you found it!

We are LOVING all the positive feedback about the new ratings & assessment system and are looking forward to its release later this year. It will be exciting for everyone to start using their $NoBS tokens by submitting ratings and working on paid assessments! If you have already paid a bid for the first round of reviews but have not received a job, your bid amount will be credited to your account on the ratings platform when it goes live.

Quick reminder: the new whitepaper with in-depth details on the ratings platform, along with an updated roadmap, will be released by the end of Q1. If you haven't already seen the ratings platform overview, check it out here!

Have a great rest of your week!
~ No BS Crypto