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April 30, 2019

No BS Crypto Weekly Update 4/29/2019

No BS Crypto Weekly Update 4/29/2019 cover

Happy Monday,

We hope you all have had a great weekend. If you didn't catch the AMA with No BS Crypto founder Chris Koerner on Thusrday, you can watch it here: . There were a LOT of questions asked! It was great to hear what questions you all had about what we're doing now, and what's to come in the future! Chris also showed off the physical $NOBS tokens that just arrived! These will be distributed to platinum members to which they are owed in the coming weeks. If you were a platinum member at any point in 2018, you will have an email coming next week to confirm your shipping address for delivery of the physical tokens. Keep an eye on your inbox! If you were NOT a platinum member, keep an eye on our communities and our Twitter as there will be opportunities to win one of these limited edition tokens in the near future.

This week we have continued to crunch away at the operational details of the ratings platform. We are piecing together intricacies of how the platform will operate, such as:

  • Planning mechanisms to prevent "gaming the system" and fraud/manipulation in general
  • Establishing specific rating and assessment metrics, and the criteria for scoring these metrics
  • Developing algorithms to calculate contributor scores and rating quality scores
  • Developing algorithms to calculate the distribution of tokens for contributor airdrops and for ranking contributors
  • etc.

International No BS Crypto Communities

As Chris mentioned in the AMA, we are interested in expanding our community to better reach our international members. Currently, our communites are English-only. If you are multilingual and would like to moderate a regional No BS Crypto community, please send an email to

You. The Community.

One of the AMA questions was "What can the community do to help?". Chris' response was "word of mouth" advertising. The most helpful thing that you as a community can do right now is spread the word about No BS Crypto and what we are trying to accomplish! Let your favorite exchanges know that you would like to see No BS Crypto assessments performed on assets before they are listed. Tell your friends about how No BS Crypto seeks to improve the crypto space with completely unbiased ratings and assessments. When you talk to new people about your favorite projects, don't tell them to "buy $nobs". Rather, direct them to our website ( and suggest they have a read through our whitepaper and get a feel for what we are building. Remember, our mission is not to get people to buy our tokens. Our mission is to provide a totally transparent system that can facilitate unbiased ratings and assessments for crypto projects. Our mission is to keep shady and scammy tokens off of exchanges. Our mission is to provide accurate and truthful information to investors to help minimize their risk when choosing a project to invest in. Spread the word. Let's make a difference!

We can't thank all of you enough for helping us make this mission a success. Together we are strong. Together, we can do this. THANK YOU ALL.

~ No BS Crypto