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September 14, 2018

First Meet-up and More Announcements

First Meet-up and More Announcements cover

We are hosting our first ever in-person meetup in Vegas at World Crypto Con (WCC)! We want to meet you all in person! We actually partnered with World Crypto Con for this exclusive meetup and have big discounts to attendees. We'll have our own No BS Crypto room at the event to host any of you that want to show up and party with us!

Any of you can get $100 off with this link: Ticket prices almost double by the end of the month.

Also, gold and silver members get $150 off WCC tickets and platinum group members get $250 off! If you'd like to try our premium groups out then these discounts would apply to you as well, they aren't just for existing members. If you're interested in joining for the premium group discount, please email

Other big announcements:

We are working to get listed on another top-20 exchange by the end of the month. This is NOT finalized yet, but it's looking really good so be on the lookout for that.

This new listing is thanks to our new partnership with the McAfee Alliance. The purpose of this alliance is to group together altcoins to negotiate the best deals for exchange listings.

In the next two weeks we will start our first round of bidding and reviewing on crypto projects, just like we outlined in our WP, except ahead of schedule! The first category will be small and simple: crypto Facebook groups. We'll use that as a testing ground. We already have over 20 FB groups agreed to be rated and reviewed. We'll slowly add in more and more projects and categories as we refine our processes.

We have gotten a TON accomplished this quarter, namely:

  • Launched the $NOBS minimum viable product (dashboard)
  • Acquired thousands of dashboard users within the first few days of launching
  • Hired another developer
  • Assembled a team of 100+ individuals to contribute their talents and resources to the NOBS mission
  • Released two exclusive webinars, a TG alerts channel, altcoin reports, and many other features to paid members
  • Integrated new role-based user system
  • Designed and developed a micro service architecture, with intra-service messaging.
  • Introduced Coinbase Commerce as a way to accept crypto payments.
  • General website bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Things are still going very well! We are working to fulfill what we've promised and things are moving quickly. We can't thank you enough for the support.

We would LOVE to see as many of you as possible at the meetup in Vegas. The dates are October 31st - November 2nd.

Also, we are always looking for more dedicated TG admins for anyone interested. We are working at fixing the SPAM attacks that we've seen in the public chat recently.

Thanks for everything!