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$NOBS on Ethereum

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The $NOBS Token powers our community review system. Learn more about it in our white paper.
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The No BS Token was designed for the community. With no ICO, $NOBS was completely airdropped to participants.
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Frequently asked questions

How are $NOBS used as part of the review process?

$NOBS are a means by which reviewers bid on the available jobs. After winning a job, a reviewer pays the $NOBS fee which they bid and is granted access to the project to be reviewed. The bidder is blind to the project until they are selected and have undergone KYC.

What happens to $NOBS after they have been used for a bid?

After a reviewer has won a bid and transferred their $NOBS to the appropriate No BS Crypto wallet, the tokens are burned. This ensures that the company does not obtain more tokens in their possession than what was allotted them in the tokenomics. This also ensures price stability.

How many $NOBS are required to bid?

There is no minimum to bid! Each job is unique and has different payouts depending on the difficulty of the task and the duration of time expected.