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$NOBS on Ethereum

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The $NOBS Token powers our community review system. Learn more about it in our white paper.
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Token Info

The No BS Token was designed for the community. With no ICO, $NOBS was completely airdropped to participants.

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Current Exchanges

The No BS Token is listed on the following exchanges

BitForex (USDT)

BitForex (ETH)

CoinBene (BTC)

BitAllEx (BTC)

BitAllEx (ETH)

Frequently asked questions

How are $NOBS used as part of the ratings and assessment processes?

$NoBS tokens are used for the nominal buy-in fee for paid assessment tasks. They are also used for the rating bid submitted with each rating. This serves as manipulation prevention mechanism and establishes a token pool with which to reward contributors.

What happens to $NoBS after they have been used for a bid or buy-in?

After the tokens have been sent by the user for their bid or buy-in, the majority are placed into a token pool for contributor rewards. A small percentage is held by the company for future airdrops, prizes, or other business uses. The rest are burned.

How many $NoBS tokens are required as a “minimum bid” to submit a rating?

Initially, the minimum bid is 100 tokens. This may be adjusted over time due to token price fluctuation, or if needed for technical reasons. It will always be a small, nominal amount.

How many $NoBS tokens are required for an assessment task buy-in?

There is no set buy-in fee. This depends on the charge for the assessment, the number of contributors needed, and the difficulty or complexity of the task. It is always significantly less than what you are paid.